Tuesday, August 31, 2010

America, F yea?

Well hello there fellow Americana's! Thought Id use this opportunity to introduce myself, I am Michael, or Mike as some of you call me, and I am the other half of America: Plain and Simple. Bob and I came up with the idea for this one night on the phone (while he was still on the road) during one of our many conversations that quickly spewed into non-nonsensical psycho-babble bullshit...or just an everyday conversation between the two of us otherwise. ANY WHO out came this idea....to start jotting down our thoughts on anything going on currently in the US or the world for that matter...and putting a common-sense spin on it. In other words nothing you'd ever see on Fox News or the 700 Club :)

For instance: CSI Miami. This show sucks so much throbbing donkey dangle I cant get through one-effing episode without wanting to punch the nearest defenseless animal square in the face. Bob and I were slaving through an episode just last week and I was dry-heaving while Bob screamed obscenities at the TV. And this passes as one of the more popular shows on television now! I'd rather watch the drift-date scene in Fast and the Frustrated 3 over and over again then to be subjected to that shit every week! (don't quote me on that)

Now, you might be thinking "Hey, wait a second assbag, I happen to like CSI Miami!!!1!LOLBBQ!" Protip: stop being our friend immediately. As a matter of fact how the hell did you slip through my rigorous pre-friend screening? Well, whatever, in any case, this blog isn't for you.

That's all for the moment. Don't get pissy, I'll be back soon enough...just follow the directions on the picture above....that should keep you entertained for a while (or escorted out of the restroom in handcuffs). Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go ponder my life in my minimalist apartment with many expensive scarves on. Ciao.

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